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So i finally got a reply from D about him telling his mates about our random pulling in Rotherham, claiming that it seemed 'relevant' and he realised halfway through that it was a bad idea to tell them but carried on regardless.

Got home and checked the fuckwitness that is Facebook and saw on his wall a message from the lass that gives me jealousy issues. She left him a little message telling him everything will be alright and she would talk to him later. Lots of kisses. Told him that messaging him back on facebook saves her 11p. So clearly he contacted her. The time on the message was at about 10pm and he refused to reply to mine which i sent at half 7. He also claimedh is battery had died. Not the first message from her to him but they all make my blood boil. The week before last I got drunk and he rang me for the first time since December and I can vividly remember asking him if he had a girlfriend and he denied it vigourously. I just wish he'd be a bit more up front.

Been talking to him today. Told him that I'd been sent home from work ill and all he could say was he wanted a drink and it was hot in work. What do I care? Where was the sympathy? He tried blagging a bit of sympathy for himself for tomorrow morning if he goes to the pub and I'll admit I've been a bit bitchy on the phone to him today. No wonder really that he's not all that into me.

Going to see Frank Turner tomorrow with a mate, a week before I go with him. Really don't think I can be bothered with the texts I'll get at the gig asking if it's any good. Want to be an absolute cowbag to him but I still have the gig to go to with him soon.

Actually considering being off during the sex, how harsh is that? Like not being all into the kissing like I usually am. I currently hate myself a bit for thinking like that, but he's really getting to me. He's actually making me crazy, I've been finding myself writing statuses on facebook that are likely to get his attention and force him to leave me a comment.

Told me boys that he was cheating on me. There was never anything for him to cheat on. We were never together. The boys are talking about setting him on fire, which I'm enjoying but if things ever work out with us, they can never meet.

Frank Turner, the Lancs v Yorks T20 are nailed on that I'll have to see him/spend time with him. I doubt he'll make it to Cheltenham and I'm thinking he won't be that arsed to see me when I'm in Manchester for Take That.

Men are cunts


Been a while...

Really confused about D. All i get is text messages about football and cricket, used to be all about how he wanted to be curled up with me, and wanted to make me smile. Seeing him in a few weeks, whats the betting the days before will be full of 'nice' messages purely to set up the happiness for a shag?

Few months ago we went to Rotherham for the day to see some mates at the rugby, we got a little bit drunk and started kissing and bad touching all over the town. Had to leave a pub after some minor straddling which ended with me undoing his jeans and him not really noticing as he went for a wander around the pub. Yeah ok bad behaviour but very very drunk. Since then there's been lots of talk about not admitting to it and pretending it never happened. Got a text an hour ago to tell me it had 'come up in conversation' and two of his mates were making up songs about me. But it's ok, they think I'm 'class' and he's 'wrong'. At what point in his day did he think 'Hmm i bet T. would love it if several drunken football hooligans were singing songs about her drunken slaginess, I'd best let her know'

Replied straight away to ask him how the hell something like that comes up in conversation and let him know that were it not for the visible bruises he left throwing me into a shop doorway, no-one would ever know about it. Strangely had no reply. Cunt

So I'm gonna stay in tonight instead of going to a mate's leaving do because I'm a bit ashamed. Not the greatest behaviour on my part but I was incredibly drunk and go red every time I think about it. Manage to 'Northern bravado' my way out of it when my mates mention it (being friends with boys sucks ass) but the way he said it just makes my blood boil. His mates are making songs about it? I currently feel horrendous, like a big massive slag

The worst thing (in my warped little head anyway) is that I'm not a stunner. I'm overweight and chunky, brunette, not overly tall or small, no real dress sense (baggy jeans and converse) so if I ever meet them (unlikely as D. seems to be more than a little bit ashamed of me) then they're gonna absolutely rip the piss out of me. Seeing him in a week or so for a Frank Turner gig and I really don't want to go


on some kind of roll...

Yeah I know it was literally 4 or so hours ago that I said I was going to maybe write some TV slash and was going to ignore all the stuff I had on my hard-drive. Bollocks, clearly, since as soon as I logged off I tried to finish off a stupid Cesc Fabregas piece I started about 18 months ago and couldn’t get anywhere with. So this is the first half and hopefully I should finish it soon.

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For some strange reason - i seem to have forgotten that i even had an lj account. it just fell out of my brain. on checking, apparently it's been nearly a year since i posted anything. coincidentally, it's been nearly a year since i actually got a job and couldn't spend all day writing and playing on the internet. boo hiss.

haven't written anything since then either. was looking in my old files and found my ruud/gaby/ronaldo story. 8 parts in. just getting to the suspensful bit and just...stopped. now, in real life ruud and gaby are in madrid together. and there is no where for the story to go, so think i'm gonna have to just let it die.

had some ideas but they were all a long time ago and they don't fit into the season.

really getting into bones and csi atm, so may have a crack at something with those guys in. gonna start using lj more often. i feel it is neccessary.

so...I'm back

Tatz need sleep :(

oh my good lord i had forgotten how hard this working malarkey was!

today, now, is the first time i have sat at my computer in three days (!) and the first time ive checked email and lj in 11days (!)there is no way in hell i have had any time to write but i am going to today. have a few spare hours :) the work is insansely mind-numbingly boring but decent money and i got 12 hours overtime yesterday. twill pay for Dublin at least before i go insane and just kill people.

Stupid England lost their first game of the WC so that means we need to slaughter Canada and Kenya to stand a chance of going through. the ireland zimbabwe game was pretty excellent with a tense draw and i was totally on the edge of my seat for the game last night. Pakistant are out! probably. i was so thrilled for Ireland, we need the minnows to play better and better because that makes it more of a competition.

Not happy with the papers atm. THey are all making out that they shouldn't have gone out on the lash aafter they lost. personally i think they should have sent KP/JC for the lash but thats just my own hatred. what else were they going to do? go back to their hotel rooms and hang themselves with a bed sheet?just hope they beat Canada today.

Saints are now officially at the bottom of the Guiness Premiership :`( they have a game in hand on the second-bottom team and are only one point behind with 4 still to play. really hopethey can drag themseves out or the big name players will leave and withuot them Saints wouldn't be the same. Really hope they don't sack Paul Grayson as coach due to me loving him quite a bit. Big Ben scored a try yesterday. if he'd just been playing for eengland they might not have lost but england loss is Northampton's gain :)

Inserting Operative

trolling around on the Jobcentre Plus website when i saw a job advertised as "Inserting Opperative" well you have to click it don't you?

Turns out they mean stuffing envelopes, well i can do that! Rang up at noon, they asked me to be there for a interview asap, rang me back at 2 to say i start at 6am tomorrow. that happened kinda fast!

So mon-fri 6am to 1.45pm, then the next week 1.45pm to 9.30pm on a rotating shift basis. love it! get overtime if i work more then 37 hours or weekends. works out that im on mornings the friday i go to dublin :)

so to celebrate we got a pool table. My mums neighbour is retiring to france and getting rid of all her furniture so my brother was in like Flynn and the lads brought it home this teatime.

It's incredibly ropey and nackered but it fits in my dining room. a bloke's coming tomorrow to charge me to recover it. need to try and find some old 20ps

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*crosses fingers for Smudger*
With Louis Saha injured and Patrice Evra doubtful, Henrik Larsson and Gabriel Heinze seem certain to start, while Alan Smith is virtually guaranteed a place on the bench even though he has not made a first-team appearance since the Carling Cup defeat at Southend in November.

This close to just nuking manchester...

This is the 8th part to my earlier posted story – enjoy! Chapters 1-7 are Here

Title: A New Season (Pt 8)
Author: Tatzy
Pairing: Cristiano Ronaldo/Gabriel Heinze
Rating: 15?
Feedback: Of both kinds is muchly welcomed
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Sadly all a figment of my imagination. No money is being made from this
Archive: Beautiful Games if accepted
Summary: Two teammates deal with the start of the new season without an old friend

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You'll Never Walk Alone...

So just like general joy despite Nic not talking to me anymore!

the bloke (arsenal) decided to referee and make sure we didn't yell at each other too much :) and given how appalling we were for like, the entire game, there was more abuse coming from me *is ashamed*

then my boy Scholes? What was he doing? Xabi so deserved to be sent off as well, hello, threw the first punch/pull thing. Gah anfield favouritism. at the news of 4 minutes extra time, Nic was up on her feet, hands to her chest before flinging them out in joy as she started singing. i'm sat, head in hands, elbows on knees, refusing to look when suddenly she stopped singing.

cos we tend to do our own commentary and have it on mute, took me a while to realise WE FUCKING DID IT!!!!! so of course i had to stand to sing the United song and then "you'll never walk alone" at the full-time whistle. she wasn't amused. :S

Warm-up for the World Cup starts tomorrow, we play Bermuda so i am quite hopeful :)

Still no job. going to apply at bloody sainsbury's tomorrow, and am registering at the employment agency tuesday. waiting to hear back from NHS training program and a couple of private mental care facilities. Couple more in yesterday's paper to apply for. Will get a job eventually, just taking longer than i'd hoped :(

got two fics should finish by tomorrow. i tend to start them then take months to finish cos i can't stop waffling on. but ones a mammoth and starting to fuck me off and the other is an 8th (!) part of a beasty thing. might just have a nuclear bomb land on OT so i don't have to finish it! "Jericho" is so in my brain for good now

random: some sites of LJ are so annoying. one i read a lot and occasionally post to is so cliquey its annoying. they have a real 'you weren't here at the start so anything you say shall be deleted' mentality. no really. posted a fic and had some nice comments, then it was deleted (?) trouble is it's the only community like it. end rant.
...carving your name with a compass in my forehead was not enough for you! Loving Bill Bailey this week Comic Aid song

Still no job:(. Applied for a four dif jobs in social services that will put me through my NVQ which is good. Only trouble is shifts so might actually have to give in and share the kid with the ex-bloke. :S

And the most important news of the week: (ie: random crap going on in my house)

* the French are going to be referred to as "dirty cheatin bastards" - usually at quite a high volume, with exploding spittle and fierce gestures, and only after tempers have calmed will we go back to calling them "cheese-eating surrender monkeys"

*we're not mentioning six nations. Robinson's injured and do they call for Ben? Big ben Cohen? Scorer of tries all over for Lions, England, and Saints? Do they fuck. C'mon Ireland!

*all we are eating are these delicious cook yourself bread buns from Aldi. you get the dough in these cardboard tubes and they are just gorgeous!

*Cricket World Cup poster is on my wall waiting to be filled in - I'm a geek and not in the least bit ashamed :)

pics under the cut spesh for zimena

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cos i am a lazy muppet, just read on someone's journal that the utd game wasn't on, sulked about it, then found out today it is! so no going to the pub. Will sit and watch it and cheer and shout and alienate more of my neighbours.

new zealand won! normally not one to care about the blackcaps but the sheer amount of records of crapness that gives Australia make me smile. And not a great fan of South Africa (thought Smith is insanely fit) but chuffed they move up to 1 in the rankings :)

Decided to be all "domesticated" so have baked and cooked. There is a stew slow cooking in the oven and a home-made apple crumble waiting to go in. debating running to my mums to borrow an apron and ovengloves to really freak the bloke out when he gets home